Everybody tell you that you shouldn’t sell your house in the winter. This is not true. Forget what people are telling you and most agents and people have it wrong. It is true that snow discourages people from buying a house, but if you look at the market right now you will see that there is a real drop in listings.

The truth is that snow storms are a big discouragement to selling your house but snow is not bad all together. An example of that is last year where we in Toronto had snow storm after snow storm. While the storms are bad for business, just regular snow falls are ok. Last year Toronto was hit over and over, and the market suffered, but the year before that, it was just regular snow falls and the market was as hot as ever. Even last year, once the storms stopped, and regular snow falls came down, the market got hot in early spring when it did still snow.

Its all about inventory! There is none and there will alway be people that must buy or sell in the winter regardless. This creates an atmosphere, for you to cash in on your property, and hopefully have a few bids on your house.

The finance minister of Canada has stated that the interest rates have stayed steady at the same rate this week. This is great, and most analysts predict that this will not go up as well.

Investment in Canada. The low dollar is seeing a lot of investment in Canada’s real estate market, not only from the Chinese and Asian countries, but our neighbour to the south, the US. Where once Canadians were buying houses in the US, now they are scooping up properties everywhere in Canada.

Real Estate is all about timing, finding the right buyer desperate to find a house will drive up the bids for your house and the dollars in your pocket.

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