There are going to be an abundant of new home owners this February. With all of the mortgage laws changing, there are many people who will not qualify after the changes therefore will buy a new home before the rules change. Moving is said to be a stressful time because of all of the new scenarios people must face when moving and negotiating a property.

Here are a few Items to help you in your move and to get adjusted to your new home.

1. No matter the circumstance, think of a new home as a fresh start. Out with the old and in with the new.

2. Throw a party. Throwing a goodbye party is a great way to get family and friends into your old house one more time. Once you move into your new house you can have the second part of the party.

3. Bring a few items that remind you of home, don’t throw out everything all at once. Bring a few mementos of your old home, if you intend to get rid of everything, do it a step at a time so you can adjust.

4. Paint the rooms the same colour. I know you are trying to start something new, but if you really love your old house, and were forced to sell, use the same paint as the old house. This will keep familiarity in your mind, when coming home at night.

5. Say Goodbye to your old house. Write a journal with pictures of your old house. Write about all of the great times you had in the house. When you get to your new house start a scrap book of the old and new house.

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