The first thing I do when I go look at a prospective house to sell is to look at the walls. I look for family pictures that I will be telling my prospective clients to take down. Some people put up wedding pictures, baby pictures, and family pictures of deceased relatives everywhere in their house. Family pictures can make your house feel very comfortable and give your house that “homey” look, but it also detracts buyers in a psychological way.

You would never consciously think this but when buyers come into a house they picture themselves living in the space. When you have your pictures up in a house on the market, buyers get confused sub-consciously because they are no longer picturing themselves living in your house but they are picturing your family living there. Therefore you take your house off the market and make it very difficult for a buyer to come into your home and live there. Buyers also start to get distracted by your pictures in that they start to focus on your life and what’s going on in the pictures. They are no longer looking at your space to move into but rather start to feel uncomfortable in that they are kicking you out of your house. The pictures start to send a message to the buyer that many happy times have taken place here, “I shouldn’t impose on these people’s lives by buying this house.” Some people also start to ask questions and wonder why these nice people in the pictures do not want to live in this house anymore, what’s wrong with it? “Maybe this house is not good enough for them?” “Maybe its not good enough for me, either?”

These questions might be an exaggeration of what people might think, but why give a buyer any reason to doubt how great your house is to live in.

First impressions are everything. The first thing to do when taking your house off the market is go to the local store and buy some cheap paintings or pictures to put up. Do not buy tacky. Buy something that will make your house look modern and trendy to match your house and your staging. Hide other family air looms and things that a distinct to your family. Your house should look more like it came out of a home trends magazine. I know it might be stale to live there for a few weeks but you are showcasing your house. Suck it up and when you move into your new house you can put your pictures back up. Sell Your House by Taking those pictures DOWN!

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